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flier card. that's money that's being paid to you but it's not really being paid to you because you don't have freedom on how you spend it. if you add up how much it is, it's going up year to year and it will keep ongoing up as long as computers are helping with this. >> if you go online and take part in a survey, is there a place where you should not give them your name, address, what do i do? >> this is so hard. everybody wants, we are so used to the idea of bottom up action, but this really has to include a top down component or it doesn't make sense. >> it feels like that right now. >> you can't even turn on your tablet without giving away, we have given into a regime where everyone has to give up information. the moment you turn on your tablet as opposed to your old fashioned pc where you owned your data, you are entering this system. we have to change the overall systemic thing. what i always taught students is don't approach this idea logically. getting off facebook because it's bad is not necessary. be experiment tamm. >> you talked about the things that finance go in the wrong
physically someone who is not even half your size in many cases? >> parents, caregivers don't wake up in the morning and say they want to hurt their children. we work with people who have had generations of abuse in their family and violence. raising children can be stressful. when all the stressors of life happen, we make sure they are not going to take action on their kids. >> do they resist it initially? >> very much so. we have many phone calls from families who have had an abusive situation in the past and they know what that breaking point looks like and they call and say, i need help because i don't know the this to happen to my children. >> i would say this takes a lot of guts for people to call and do they have to let you know exactly who they are and where they are? >> our calls are anonymous and oftentimes they will call and we'll develop a relationship with them and then they will share their names and history so we can help them. but we try to create a safe environment for people to get help. because families don't want to hurt their children and they are put in a situati
a shore, buildings out to see. some are looting, many at risk for decease. >> disease. >> we don't have enough water. we drink it even though we may get sick. >> reporter: in the bay area donations are slowly coming in. an 89-year-old tells kpix5 this is the worst he has seen. >> please donate. help our country. >> reporter: help is on the way from the u.s. military to the philippines. the aircraft carrier is on the way with food, water, generators and will be a national humanitarian effort. it is over 1700 now officially, but some officials are saying we can see 10,000 dead before it is over. joe vasquez, kpix. >>> we were in the town of laitai. >> reporter: just as we finished this report haiyan unleashed its full fury ripping roofs off. waves crashed into the hotel. everyone rushed to the second floor. >> reporter: the rain didn't stop for hours. we had to change rooms again. for three hours we didn't know if we would survive. nothing prepared us for what the storm moved on. the devastation was complete. >> these images are from space. lay that image over the west coast and you have
re philippines so >>> they are helpless. we don't have water anymore, we don't have food. >> this is really, really light. this is worse than hell. worse than hell. >> relief can no reach the philippines soon enough after one of the most powerful natural disasters ever recorded. >>> and an entire bay area neighborhood warned to stay inside as a fire sends up plumes of toxic smoke. >>> good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. that fire is under control, but smoke is still thick in the air in redwood city. people that live by sims meadow management have an air quality advisory. they were told to stay in place, but as brian webb reports, not everyone listened. brian? >> reporter: yes, residents were told if you can see or smell the smoke to stay inside. still plenty of people out and about in the area tonight and still plenty of smoke back behind me, putting off a smell something like burning metal and plastic and it is not pleasant. smoke filled the skies, filling up the south bay with nasty smell of burning metal, keeping some people from getting home. >> i'm trying to get down
with were skeptical about the plan. >> i don't want to be regulated in that way. >> and nearly twitchy about the thought of putting down their phones. >> for me to put my phone down, no. i can't do that. >> it's hard, because i don't want to be bored. i want to keep myself entertained at the same time. i'm traveling long distance, i can listen to music or check e- mails. >> muni rider has plan to end bus ride boredom. a novel concept. think of it as a real life status update. >> talking to people sit right next to you. >> and it's not just on muni buses and trains. my photographer is not immuned to texting when he should be looking around at his surroundings. live in san francisco, andrea, kpix5. >> bart unions and management squared off against workplace safety, a hearing in san francisco looked into what happened last month. when a bart train hit and killed two workers on the tracks at the center of the debate was culture. workers gave examples of what they called dangerous conditions. bart says safety has always been a priority and it has worked with osha over the years to rem
the stores to scoop up black friday deals, but others just want their holiday back. >> i don't want to be too harsh, just because people do dumb things. >> they survived a horrific attack, now sasha is speaking out. the message to the teenager charged with setting him on fire. >> the violent crime spree that forced a bay area officer to use deadly force. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. it's not black friday yet, but you wouldn't know it at the malls. holiday shoppers have been taking advantage of deals all night long. the outlets in liver more and one of the places many will be open around the clock. >> open around the clock and let me tell you, there are lines that are an hour long just to get into the stores here, allen. and that is just not half the story. the turkey was juicy and later, so were the deals at the livermore premium outlet. >> the boots look cute on you. >> the crowd big enough to make your head spin. lines stretched nearly as far as the day is long. all the way down the corridor here and wraps around the building. and the bags were stuf
're accused tsa agents of groping people including family members. >> we still don't know what brought the plane down. >> reporter: two years ago alex jones got san mateo d.a. wagstaff on his program vowing to prosecute tsa officers if they go too far. >> we've made it clear that if they do these types of actions in touching, whether with a lewd or sexual intent, we will prosecute them the same we would any other citizen. >> reporter: check out this video called stop the new world order >> keep an eye -- who is watching the watchman. >> reporter: it's part of a campaign encouraging the public to challenge tsa agents and record them on video. >> i'm a public property, publicly funded. >> i'm asking you not to videotape. >> i'm on public property. >> reporter: we don't know if the gunman watches info wars, but given that he signed n-w-o to his note authorities are looking into this could be september. . >>> new at 10, a real hallowe'en nightmare for one salinas woman. she said some of the candy she aid was poisoned. what investigators think was inside a small snickers bar. >> re
of a 13-year-old boy by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. >> i don't have the words for it. it is really horrific. it is a great human tragedy. >> catastrophic devastation in the wake of one of the strongest tropical storms every to hit land. and we one of the most high profile women in politics doesn't want to be seen in san francisco. good evening. hillary clinton is in the bay air tonight but she is keeping a very low profile. brian webb has been chasing her all day. >> reporter: she just wrapped up a convention behind me. but in both places, it was no media allowed. [ cheers and applause ] on the steps of the moscone center, hillary clinton supporters held signs and sang songs. >> i want her to come out and say hello, but she need to know we are behind her. >> he is waiting to shut the whole building down. >> reporter: inside the center at the national association of realtors convention, dozens were turned in. no more room to hear the keynote speech by hillary clinton and people who came from far awry not happy. >> we got to e-mail our president as well as hillary clinton. this is ho
, kpix 5. >> they don't know why the woman jumped or how she got into the closed off section. >>> president obama is in los angeles tonight as a part of a three-day west coast fundraising trip. he stopped in seattle yesterday with a rather memorable time in san francisco today. >> what i would like to do, how about, well, you guys don't need to go. >>> well, they heckled the president during a speech in china town. the recent graduate is undocumented. telling joe vazquez as to why he confronted the president. >> we're going to make our country more secure and strengthen our families. but most importantly we will live up. most importantly, we will live up to our character. >> mr. president, i need your help. i cannot celebrate thanksgiving with my family members because of my immigration status. i told him to please use your executive authority to halt the deportation for all undocumented immigrant family members across the country. >> you have heard from some people, what are they saying? >> it was overwhelming positive response. at the same time some people think that i sho
. the porsche pauses and takes off. >> i can't believe they don't have enough love for their human brother to go out and see if they are okay. if they are even alive. >> crash left bryant with a broken femur and intense pain. also painful, the mounting medical bills. doctors had to surgically insert a titanium rod in his leg. >> i got a couple screws in here, a couple screws up here. >> he'll be off the job for months and he doesn't have medical insurance. his only hope that the person behind the wheel will come clean. now bryant thinks there may have been windshield damage to that car. it was a porsche, possibly a dark colored car with tinted windows. oakland police are saying if you have any information on the accident to call them. live in oakland, kpix5. >> tonight, an east bay teen who was set on fire on a bus is home just in time for thanksgiving. kpix5 on 18-year-old, sasha's recovery. >> sasha sits in the front passenger seat of the family car pulls into the garage. he's back home after spending three weeks at the st. francis burn center. his father, carl, says the 18- year-old
bart strike? >> i don't think that has much potential, but of course, anything is possible. >> the bart board will vote on this contract in a week, november 21, they say they hope to have all of this resolved by then. reporting live, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> well, it's another possible hate crime involving a transgender teen. this one, a fight on a high school campus that was caught on video. andrea is in hercules tonight. she has the video of the fight and what another student heard. andrea. >> well, ken, this fight was caught on a student cell phone during the school day between 6th and 7th periods. when you see this video, you're going shake your head. >> i heard screaming and then everybody ran out of my class. >> this is what rickie heard yesterday afternoon between 6:00 and 7th period. a fight between a group of girls and a transgender teen. >> then there's a bunch of teachers that tried to stop it. >> administrators said the transgender initiated the fight after being taunted and said she was harassed. all over campus, there are signs like this one warning disr
to this great man, he knew my whole history, but do we want to throw it in his face, no, i don't think so. so i just tuned it down all the time. and then very soon after he passed away, i was doing the play about my life called life without make up, which actually inspired the book. and at no point, i thought well, it is a long lyed life. i--a long-lived life. i think i have less sons and oh,--lessons, oh, look at your famous. and that is why i did it. which is why it is very revealing and when i athat, i don't like to think of it as only juicy, there are juicy parts. >> oh, we'll get to that. you came here from puerto rico with your molter. --with your mother and she left your brother. did you know why? >> it was not dis-quest and that is the problem. at a serve point in my life, i found it to too hard. and there is my mother, she is a beautiful lady. >> the apple does not fall far. >> and i love that picture. it is so sweet. it was not something that was to be talked about. i just felt that she would probably get hysterical or she would start crying out of guilt and all of that kind of stuff
to figure out how the loved one has died. >> you don't have a right to strike. >> bart is closer than ever getting closer to striking, i'm ann notarangelo. >> a woman jumped from the third deck following the raiders game with the latest. >> reporter: that's right, brian. we're learning that it's a good samaritan that basically shielded this woman's body. and he was injured during all of this. but that he is going to be okay. authorities say he saved their life. >> this is the restricted section where the alameda county sheriff's office landed on the raiders banned from 45 feet below. >> apparently they saw something happening above him as he tried to stop. convincing this individual to not jump and fall. >> reporter: it was released after the raiders game. but the authorities say that the 61-year-old marine corps took notice. likely to survive her injuries. the woman in critical condition all the individuals affected by today. the two that are injured and anyone that may have seen it and the safe decision secure of our guests are most important. >> reporter: and authorities, they say that
. >> until they get that price to where they're okay to fish, they don't go. >> they don't fish. >> no. >> reporter: and you are caught in the middle. >> yes. >> reporter: based on today's crop it looks good. >> there's a lot of crab out there right now. >> reporter: back in the business world if the parties agree on prices, commercial fishing will bring the cost down. better crab at better prices. it's kind of like a holiday wish that came true. . >>> and richard tells us crab prices could be cut in half once the commercial season starts. >>> the demolition of the old eastern span of the bay bridge could kick into high gear this week. the bridge will be dismantled piece by piece but it's not that simple. it has to be done in the reverse order the bridge was built. the slightest mistake could spell disaster. >> people have asked why not just blow it up. in addition to the environmental regulations that would prevent that, we have the new east span carrying traffic and for public safety reasons you can't. >> it's expected to take three years to take the thing apart at a cost of $240 mil
unions are finally y with their contracts. kpix 5's don knapp tells us why. . >>> after months of negotiations and two crippling strikes, b.a.r.t.'s biggest unions are happy with their contracts. kpix5s john nap tells us why. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. riders are glad the strike is over and the contracts have been ratified. there is lingering anger over worker's strike to tie up the bay area. >> it was a difficult situation for a couple of days. a lot of people were heavily inconvenience. collective bargaining is a important thing. >> reporter: they got renewed attention. and two workers were killed. >> and it's most unfortunate. and there was a lot of light on the safety issues going on with b.a.r.t. >> reporter: she said 88% of sciu's 1400 members approved the contract and that work safety was a big reason. >> our people are the people that step on the tracks and they do this every day to make sure that those tracks are clear for the trains coming through. there are workers having to deal with 1,000-volts every day. >> reporter: work role changes played a role. >> when management
tube and there is one thing. >> and i don't want to use microphone if possible. the amen of maria this is not possible with microphone. >> reporter: the next stops will include washington, d.c., and new york city. for this singing star who is shy, that is something he will have to overcome. >> and -- the world? >> yes. >> reporter: reporting from oakland, patrick sedillo, kpix5. >> and that is beautiful. >> yeah. >> and what kind of reviews do we have for today's weather? >> you tell me. >> and that is bravo. >> bravo. >> and it was not enthusiastic enough. >> that is okay. >> and let's look at what things are setting up for in the bay area. and mostly sunny skies. some clouds on the way from the great pacific northwest. for us, we'll spread high clouds over the bay area and we are, as a matter of fact. and this is cooler and a bit on the brisk side. we're starting out with readings mostly in the upper 40s to low 50 degrees range and just a few puffs of fog out there. not much. a lot of sunshine in the bay area. for now, concord has 44 degrees and in the city, 51 and 49 degrees and some winds calmed d
multiple tsa employees, but people who knew him say they don't know why he wanted to target the tsa. cbs news, los angeles. >> ciancia remains heavily sedated. the injured tsa agent hopes to return to work after he recovers. >> mayor of sunny vail says he is done waiting for lawmakers in sacramento and washington to do something about gun violence. as kit doe tells us, the mayor proposed a laundry list of gun safely laws for tomorrow's election. >> sunny vail mayor did not mix his words. >> i'm used to a fight. >> it would give gun owners 48 hours to report lost or stolen weapons. sunny vail would have to keep logs of ammo sales for two years. guns would have to be stored with locked containers and ban possession of magazines that held more than ten rounds with some exceptions. >> anybody with a magazine with more than ten rounds have to surrender that magazine? >> no. i understand they were grandfathered in and have a purchase price of it prior to that, they are fine. unfortunately, a lot of the effort is not back by a sound legal basis. >> responsible citizens of california sa
: you don't have to look hard, to find the signs of boozing, the red solo cup. cal police had been trying to educate and end binge drinking in the greek system. one weekend logged a record 14 calls for ambulances. >> we ask them how things have been, it is a lot worse this year, concerns of people basically, going to hospital because of the alcohol consumption. >> reporter: they yelled at anyone who got close to our cameras though most greeks stood united with them, not everyone is shocked or sad to see them go. >> i do love my school they are very restless and obnoxious. >> reporter: now while the brotherhood may be disbanded by the national organization the people still living in the actual house itself will be allowed to stay until the lease runs out. >>> four people in custody accused of robbing a pleasonton couple after they won money at a local casino. armed suspects forced their way into the couples house in august and demanded the money. the couple was hurt after a long investigation, three suspects were arrested in october the fourth taken into custody on wednesday. >>> th
she was sexually assaulted after ward. police don't know what was in the drink. they're warning students not to leave drinks unattended and don't accept one from a stranger. >>> seasme street stepped in today. >> reporter: being a kid is hard enough, but try being a kid with a mom or dad behind bars. enter the crew from seasme street. children's television workshop joined to reach out to kids who don't get tucked in every night. came up with little children, big problems, incarceration. >> this transsends the stier yo types we have about who has someone in prison and who goes to prison. >> reporter: a new seasme character named alex,ly dad is in jail. along with a dvd there's a new way to help explain to little minds about this. >> what i'm doing out, he has a lot of questions, why the police came one morning to pick me up. he's very curious. >> reporter: alex was unveiled at the santa rita jail. because no fewer of 12% of criminal cases involve a suspect with a child at home. >> i feel it was a good experience. >> reporter: and it never hurts when elmo is there to ease everyone
. >> absolutely. people don't necessarily trust it will help. >> it's unclear how much the public's voice will matter. a federal judge handed power to this man, compliance director, thomas frasier. the judge specified that nosher has ultimate control of the chief of police. question asked oakland's current chief about that. >> isn't it his rule as opposed to rule? >> i think hiring authority rests with the city. so the city can point who they choose. >> can he change that? >> i understand he will have an input. >> frasier was behind the appointment in may. remember him? he was appointed chief by the city, then forced to step down after a day and a half on the job. they have hope that what they say here will make a difference. kpix5. >> interim chief says he plans to apply for the position of chief of police. the city or the federal overseer should choose a -- this is from september when he was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk. this is a clean shaven smith today dressed in a black suit when he appeared before the judge. he pleaded not guilty to three counts of possessing illegal
in the philippines to rubble. >> the devastation is -- i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. it's great human tragedy. >> reporter: 150-mile-per-hour winds ripped through homes and snapped this tree like a twig. the storm surge reportedly up to 40 feet high in places sent floodwaters into the streets. this woman says she is searching for her mother, father and her child, who was ripped from her hand. cleanup and rescue efforts are difficult because there's no power or phones in most places. people are sorting through what's left of their homes during the day, then huddling together at night in the structures that are still standing. this image from space shows just how massive the typhoon is, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. it's hitting vietnam, then it's forecast to head to china. on saturday, a half million vietnamese people in high risk areas were moved to higher ground. they are hoping to avoid the direct hit that was seen in the philippines. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> and people in the bay area are also stepping in to help. the regional center of the nat
? >> i don't know. and what i learned about ships is it always costs more than you think. our estimate is about $30,000. >> for him, it's worth the money for this unique space. as the startups try to stay afloat on board, this boss needs to make sure the boss works. kpix5. >> the voyage is expected to happen in the next two to three weeks. >> just when you think it can't get any worse for toronto's crack-smoking mayor. somehow it does. >> birth control could be put at a hire risk. >> ten days before thanksgiving, the turkey supply. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> people in a dozen midwestern states picking up the pieces of their towns, literally. at least 75 tornadoes tore across the region yesterday in a rare november outbreak of veer storms. eight people confirmed dead. hundreds of people are homeless. reporter, coem is in the hard hit town of washington, illinois. >> what do you got over there? >> bill bailer is searching through what was his home in washington, illinois. >> what we have left are pieces. we have our lives, that's the main thing. that house just got paid off a week or two
everything the aca required. >> i don't have extended care. >> reporter: he deals with health insurance every single day. >> medicare on private insurance. >> reporter: none of the supply claims were dropped. just him and the switch is going to cost him a bundle through covered california. >> it's about 25% more for the bronze coverage. >> reporter: here is the official line. >> 1% of the americans faced with financial challenges because of this. >> reporter: but lucky's bottom line will be an extra $1,600 a year. and the board is at odds with what the president and even the california insurance commissioner has requested. their unanimous vote didn't come with any reasoning for letting the policies lapse, other than that it was dangerous and a disservice to let the confusion continue. >> and the fight between bart and its unions is heating up again. it's over the contract of what they had been negotiating for six months now. today the board approved most of the deal, except a prevision dealing with the family leaves. it's a part in the contract including six weeks of paid leave for the union
jose police are investigating the murder of a man in a city park and don knapp has the late details. >> reporter: police got a call a 911 call about 4:302 afternoon saying -- this afternoon saying a person was shot here in capital park. the victim apparently is an 18 to 20-year-old male according to san jose police according to joshua herbs. >> about 4:30 this afternoon, officers responded to 911 calls of a person shot. when officers arrived on scene, we found one male victim. with at least one gunshot wound. he was determined to be dead. >> reporter: any idea what happened? >> we're still piecing that together. it's very preliminary so any possible motives or reason for it is -- would just be speculation at this point. >> reporter: any sense it's gang related? >> always a posesment but right now too premature. >> reporter: investigators have been talking to residents but at this point he's not saying what they may have learned. the suspect is unknown and remains at large. in san jose, don knapp, kpix 5. >>> a fire in san francisco's prevideo heights threatened shops and buildings.
bears don't appear to be immind by player on player violence either. andrea is at memorial stadium tonight with more on the bay area football fight. andrea. >> reporter: the fight happened late last week inside the football locker room. the injuries are at this point, the investigation into whether or not a crime occurred still very much underway. the cal band is getting tuned up on max well family field. and the football team is doing the same inside memorial stadium for this week's matchup versus usc. while police are investigating the teams off field antics. on friday afternoon, runningback was beaten during a fight in the locker room. the fresh man was first taken to get his ears stitched up and be treated for a concussion. the fight was quick, less than two minutes according to sources, but long enough to draw investigation, but not an arrest yet. >> in this case, more than likely what we'll do is prepare the case and we'll submit it to the district attorney and student conduct for review. >> cal athletics being equally tight lipped, choosing not to post the weekly online.
so crews are under pressure to get it done. >> this is a big year for us. i don't know that it's not the biggest year we've had since 1936, 1937. that's when the golden gate bridge opened the bay bridge opened and the first tunnel opened. >> drivers going in reverse commute directions will see the biggest time savings. going eastbound in the morning they will save five minutes off the drive. westbound drivers in the afternoon will save 8 to 10 minutes. >> certainly the biggest advantage is going to be in the counter commute hours but we're having congestion in both directions of the day so we're always a little behind. >> reporter: caltrans says the fourth bore will open sometime after midnight in the early morning hours. they don't want to give an exact time they don't want a bunch of look he looks here. it will happen in just a few hours. we're live at the fourth bore president. >> it's not something you come across very often on the internet. a google street view of a body laying on the ground. >> the murder mystery still unsolved. >> reporter: the images foun
before ripping the skirt off. >> i'm not a hero. i'm not a hero, i don't think so, no. just somebody needed help. i'm glad that it worked out. >> oakland police are searching for a second good samaritan who helped sasha. the suspect richard thomas is being charged as an adult for the crime. >>> a man is trapped in north korea tonight. authorities there yanked him off an airplane. but no one will say why. >> reporter: family and friends of merrily newman have received no words of his whereabouts and the north cree tan government hasn't provide add reason for his detention. he lives here at the channing apartments behind me and his wife and community is anxious for his return tonight. it's been more than three weeks since anyone has heard from 85-year-old cree tan war veteran merrily newman. he was detained in north korea at the end of a sight seeing trip. >> i feel it's a bad movie or something. i still can't believe that it's real. i just feel he's the easiest man to talk to and the nicest and i can't believe this could happen. >> reporter: long time neighbors and friends marilyn and
next week. >>> bay area high school kids proved they don't need much of anything to keep a party alive. what happened when strong winds knocked out power. [ singing ]. . >> reporter: this is what a dance performance is supposed to look like. last night the curtin went up on the winter show in san ramon valley high. when the storm hit. >> the lights went out and we started clapping because we thought it was supposed to start. >> just as the curtin was going up there was a power outage. >> reporter: with no lights and no music there was no dancing. the crowd who paid $10 a piece waited 45 minutes for a generator that never showed. when the dancers decided the show must go on. >> i think the dancers were more concerned about giving the audience something before they walked out the door. >> reporter: in the age of the smart phone who needs pg&e? watch what happens. lit but blue screens, they came out. >> the tappers came out, they made their own music with their feet. it was awesome. they got a standing ovation. >> reporter: a community out-whitted mother nature and warmed the windchill ou
after 7:00 a.m., more than three hours later than nor medical school. >> it is a problem. i don't know if it is going to work or not. >> reporter: they are blaming an upgrade that had a problem. but the time it was fixed, the damage was already done. >> we have to see why didn't it work and make the fix that is are needed so it does not happen again. >> reporter: what is happening again, bart and the unions trading barbs. they are lawyering off after a family leave provision was left off. >> what the district has done ask illegal. they did not--is illegal. they did not follow the process they were supposed to follow. >> if they file a lawsuit, we'll have to go to court and we'll are all of the legal documents to speak for themselves. >> reporter: the unions are not saying much ashton a strike but they are not ruling--about a strike but they are not ruling it out, after they had two strikes already this year. >> i am fed up with bart. i am so sick and tired of this, you know, they want to raise prices, it is dirty. >> you know, i was at the bart board meting on thursday,- -meeting on th
saying it doesn't count because there is an error. don knapp, kpix5. >> bart will have a new chief negotiator. thomas hawk is no longer with the district. >>> and if there is another bart strike, at least we have this, the caldecott tunnel is now opened it is a hit. >> reporter: with two brand new names to the caldecott tunnel, there is a lot more room on the road. lunchtime saturday, not a single bottleneck. smooth sailing for regular tunnel goers like joseph captain. >> a smooth ride on the way back. >> he did very well. i think he did very well. >> officials are not too shy patting themselves on the back either. 160,000 drivers everyday can now expect a quicker ride through the mountain. plus, the $407 million project is done early an under budget. >> great accomplishment to come, millions of dollars under budget. >> the state of california, i'm proud to say the federal government, too, working together to get a great project done. >> but not everyone is overly impressed. some say we have lowered our expectations with these massive projects. >> i think we have seen so many fiasc
a path of destruction behind in what seems like seconds. >> my husband came back and i said i don't know what to do. we held each other in the hallway. >> the rare november storms let loose in 10 states from missouri to michigan. this is what is left of washington, illinois after a tornado recusing homes to rubble killing three people in this town alone. >> i felt the house shaking and waited a minute and came back up and saw what you are seeing here. >> where there were not tornado there was strong winds, rain and hail, leaving debris covered roads turning full- sized vehicles on their tops like toys. >> we went to the creek, we ran as fast as we could the tornado was behind us. >> the number of tornadoes, victims and damage will be tallied for days on. this day just being alive means you are lucky. everybody is safe, the rest is replaceable. the mayor of washington, illinois was asked what help the town needed, he said send prayer sneeze the storm system is march -- prayers. >> the new states are under the threat. the tornado threat winds down as we lose the heating of the day. upstate
access to those things. this case is saying, we don't want to pay for them. >> it's troubling to think that someone could pick and choose not based on science, not based on healthcare, not based on anything else, but pick and choose which services to provide to employees. >> if the court sides with the white house, companies that refuse to pay for contraception coverage could face signs. >> hundreds of bay area educators skip school to extend their holiday weekend? >> a cruel crime on the bay. the search is on for the guy who drowned a woman's cat. >> and it's first thing that many people do when preparing the thanksgiving meal and it could make you sick. >> you saw the story, future cast saying more than 3 inches of rain fall nor new york city, boston, philadelphia, baltimore, what is in store for us weather wise? we just get three drops of rain? live look at the bay bridge for the holiday beyond. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, cruelty. san francisco police are looking for the n who >>> an unspeakable act of animal cruelty. san francisco police looking for the man who threw two pet cats into
to be in their mother's arms all of the time. >> we talked about the website, but is it going to work if you don't have enough young people to sign up? we found this on president obama's website that encouraging people to buy the insurance as a gift which doesn't sound like a great gift. they have to have a lot of young people sign up. >> that's going to be the real challenge to see if that can happen because that finances the program and the insurance pools. i will say this, it will be a topic over the holidays because when people get together, this comes up and it's affecting people in the room. >>> coming up, the fourth area is open and hopefully will make life easier for drivers. we spoke with some of the drivers. >> reporter: with two brand new lanes to the calcot tunnel helps. >> this morning, a smooth ride in going into the city and a smooth ride back. >> reporter: officials are not too shy patting themselves on the back either. a 160,000 drivers can now expect a quicker drive through the mountain. plus, the project is done early and under budget. >> the state of californiaened the federal gover
technology. >> she moved on to instagram and snap chat, i don't know what it's called. they moved on to other technology that the parents haven't figured out yet. this trend is enough to spook facebook investors, but a bright spot for the company is that it is mobile users shot up 45% from last year. >>> your online shopping could help give back to charity. amazon has a new program that donates half of what you spend to the charity of your choice and a million to choose from. you have to log on through the purchase of some digital media products is not eligible. >>> rare ending to a game in the nfl tonight. i'm dennis o'donnell and we will tell you when you will likely see smith back in a 49er uniform. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> the warriors dominated the lakers last night at oracle, but proved tougher tonight. 38 points for clay thompson last night. much quieter tonight. check out the behind the back pass, andrea to andre, warriors up 5 earlier, but took advantage of sloppy warrior defense. blake griffin finishes and on the very next visit, he did this three possessio
of fire and spill. >> tar sands feeding into my town. i don't like that. >> reporter: but tonight environmental groups gathered in berkeley to talk about how to fight back. bonita residents will review an environmental impact report before the tar sands project goes before the planning commission and that's a start. >> this is huge and the refineries are not used to that. >> reporter: va layero has argued that sending that through the bay area will cut down on pollution because it won't be being transported by ship. . >> the bay area is taking a historic step as part of a climate protection resolution. the air district board wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions substantially by the year 2050. it wants them 80% below 19930 levels by then. >>> twitter goes public tomorrow. under the ticker symbol t-w-t-r. $26 a share, valuing the company at more than $18 billion. the dow hit another all-time high today. it added 128 points to close at 15,746. that beats last week's record close by 66 points. broader s&p 500 is one point below its all-time high. >>> oakland may be struggling to k
to the independent shops. don't buy from big box stores but show love for local businesses with their wallets. forget the flat screens and the fist fights of black friday, this is oakland's own version of the day after thanksgiving sales. they call it plaid friday. >> we wanted to do plaid friday. >> reporter: a shopping tradition that urges oaklanders to ditch the door busters and make a statement by shopping local and independent. >> you support artisons who are here every day to bring positive attention to the city of oakland. >> definitely the smaller shops need our support. >> reporter: downtown oakland has struggled to keep business here. empty store fronts used to litter this area. but the owner says plaid friday has changed things. >> the turnout we had today was extraordinary. >> reporter: bullock sold double the shoes she would normally sell today. >> today is the kind of food traffic that any retail store wants, nonstop, consistent people coming in. >> reporter: and over at show and tell, aleah baker said shirt sales spiked over the first plaid friday three years ago. >> easily 50 to 60% m
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